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MINIs: tiny homes & RVs

City Design began creating "MINIs" for our clients due to popular demand for smaller, less costly, more energy efficient homes and bonus structures.

In this era of economic uncertainty, many people need to downsize but don't want to sacrifice aesthetics in the process. Others, concerned about environmental issues, choose the MINI because it uses much less energy than a typical home and can save them thousands of dollars on utility bills, or (if they choose our solar powered MINIs) even keep them from paying utilities at all!

Our newest creation is the Evolution RV, which features all the tiny home amenities + the added bonus of being portable!

Here is a YouTube video of our team putting the final touches on a MINI Max in Southern California

Office spaces, cabins, playhouses, guest houses, sheds, and even minimalist single family homes are all possible uses for the MINI. This structure is fully customizable, and we simply provide 4 base models as ideas to fit varying customer needs and budgets:

(1) MINI Mod: Our original 12x10x8 tiny structure, suitable for office, playhouse or other bonus space (electrical included, no permit needed).

(2) MINI Pad: 12x10x12 tiny home, bedroom/bath/kitchen spaces plus electrical/plumbing hookups included (cable running to source and appliances separate).

(3) MINI Home: 12x10x12 tiny home with all plumbing/electrical/heating-cooling/insulation/appliances needed to move right in.

(4) MINI Max: Fully customizable, suitable for multiple occupants, deluxe model.

The MINIs can either be shipped to your location pre-assembled, shipped disassembled with detailed assembly instructions, or even assembled at your site by our experienced MINIs crew. Many models can fit on the back of a standard, open trailer and thus can be transported to the location of your choosing.

Our MINIs are constructed in part from construction waste leftover from big projects. These materials, while in pristine condition, would typically be sent to the landfill by other companies simply because they're too small to be used for a large-scale building. However, City Design recycles these materials by using them for our custom MINIs, which can also feature solar paneling, virtually any exterior or interior finishing material, low-E windows and doors, green insulation, specialty lighting, self-composting toilets, EnegeryStar appliances, etc.

We have also worked with past clients to create bulk order MINIs for specialized use such as at campgrounds and communes. We offer deep discounts for multiple orders.

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