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Environmental Remediation

At City Design, we realize that new construction is not a good fit for every project, and that sometimes efforts to clean up existing structures or areas in order to make them usable again is of greatest value. As such, we have begun to specialize in projects that require us to remove pollutants and contaminants to eliminate area health risks and negative ecological impacts.

Several City Design team members are OSHA and EPA certified Lead Abatement Supervisors, and we have so far performed lead remediation services on behalf of one of our federal clients, the USDA Forest Service (Utah). We plan to expand our service offerings to include Asbestos, Soil, and Mold Remediation in the near future.

Environmental remediation is an important component of City Design's portfolio of service offerings, as it allows us to further our mission of helping improve the environment while contributing to the health and ecological awareness of our community.

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