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About Us


We are based in the Old Town neighborhood of San Diego, California which provides us with a vibrant, multi-cultural source of inspiration, as well as being convenientally located to most parts of the city and North County.

Concept and Mission

City Design's mission is to provide superior construction, remodeling and environmental remediation services through the use of innovative designs, sustainable building methods and technologies, and skilled craftsmanship.

Our contractors use eco-friendly techniques such as recycled materials, solar paneling, foam insulation, green roofing, solar water heating, and many other practices on behalf of our tiny homes, residential, commercial and government clients.

Our People

Drawing our employees and subcontractors from across the country, City Design has access to a large pool of skilled workers who are specially selected depending on the size and scope of each project. City Design significantly outpaces the competition in terms of employee retention; in an industry known for high employee turnover, City Design has retained numerous custom home builders, contractors, home renovation experts, and other employees for years due to the company's respect for employee work-life balance and dedication to advanced skills training. These efforts allow City Design to complete projects faster and with a higher level of quality than other companies due to its loyal and highly skilled workforce.

Our Community

City Design believes that active involvement with local organizations and institutions helps nourish and strengthen our community. The following are examples of our community partners in our previous Denver, Colorado location:


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."     -Margaret Mead


Established in 2004, City Design has construced new buildings, renovated commercial spaces, remodeled businesses such as dental offices and churches, and provided design, remodeling, landscaping, and retrofitting services for numerous private residences on behalf of clients coast to coast.

Our team of contractors will take you step by step through building a house, your home renovation, or commercial building project ensuring that you receive superior support and expertise.

Over the past years, City Design has built a solid client base as a result of our reputation for providing creative, eco-friendly, and client responsive services with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

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